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Kickapoo Roofing Siding Services


The siding on your home or business is what gives your property much of its identity. Some people opt for a more neutral siding color that allows you to add contrast with bright fascia, entry doors, shutters, etc. Others want the siding to be the main attraction, preferring unique colors that are memorable.

Almost every siding type will have more color options than you can imagine (some argue there are too many which makes it harder to decide). The major factor you should look for when it comes to new siding is the material. The siding material will determine not only style, but also thermal properties, life span, and how much maintenance you’re going to have to perform. The most popular materials that Kickapoo offers for new siding installation include:

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is a popular material for use all over the house mostly because it is affordable and simple to maintain. In the past, a sacrifice in the style of vinyl was a worthy risk/reward of paying up to ¼ less than other siding materials. Modern manufacturing methods have created more vinyl style options than ever. Today you can adorn your house with vinyl that has the texture of wood, stucco, or even log homes at a fraction of the costs. There is even a type of insulated vinyl siding that comes attached with a rigid foam board that helps to improve our home’s energy efficiency. There is little maintenance required beyond a pressure washer, but vinyl siding does have a tendency to crack and dent and will become very brittle in our extreme bitter Wisconsin temperatures.

Hardboard Siding, Fiber Cement Siding, and Other Composites

Many homeowners are looking for a new siding installation material that offers the looks of wood, but with durability against expansion, contraction, water retention, and insects. Vinyl doesn’t have the durability and metal really doesn’t match the looks even with a textured finish. The solution that is arguably gaining the most headway in the home improvement siding industry is composites. Hardboard siding and fiber cement siding are created with wood fibers but with mixtures of sand and cement. The wood creates the look and textures while the other components create internal stability. These composites have proven to be very long lasting and resistant to almost everything from weather to insects to fire. Contact Kickapoo for more information about composite siding.

Metal Siding (Aluminum and Steel)

One of the biggest benefits of metal siding such as aluminum siding is that it can be installed without any seams. Seamless siding creates a pleasant aesthetic look, and it eliminates some of the gaps which can attract water, insect, and rodents. Many historical building codes also only accept aluminum or steel siding because it won’t fade or sag as they feel vinyl is prone to do. Metal is also resistant to fire, insects, and water, as a whole. Those who aren’t quite comfortable with composite materials often prefer aluminum siding.

Wood Siding

Aluminum, vinyl, and even composites to a certain point aim to emulate the looks of wood siding. There’s nothing like the natural grains and textures of ‘real’ wood. Natural wood has great insulating properties, and it is also very sound deadening. Wood is perhaps the most eco-friendly material for new siding installation as it can be recycled. Wood will require some maintenance (staining, refinishing) and does have its limitations (expansion, contraction, moisture, insects) but for many of our customers, there’s simply nothing like the real thing.


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