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It could be argued that the Midwest is the area where commercial roofing and residential roofing is hit hardest. With all due respect to the Northeast and it’s exposure to Ocean sea salt, roofs in Wisconsin and the surrounding area have to bare the brunt of multiple intense weather conditions, often in the same day.

Our Winters are some of the coldest in the country and the buildup of snow and ice on a roof does no favors. Summers can be extremely hot and bring with them 90° temperatures that bubble certain types of roofing materials and make them easily damaged. In our supposed ‘off-seasons’ we have to deal with tornado-like winds that develop over the flat plains and wide open countryside or heavy rains that threaten to infiltrate our basements or floor our septic systems.

The roof is your initial barrier for all these crazy storm types (and then some.) You should realize how important your roof is to the structural integrity of your entire house. Likewise, roof repairs should be done ASAP as damages cause similar risks moving forward. If you need roofing repairs or new roof installation, give Kickapoo a call. We have decades of experience in fixing or laying roof materials such as:

Shingle Roofing

If you’re like about 80% of the homes in North America, your residential roof is an asphalt shingle one. This is the most affordable roofing type but also the material that is most often damaged by high winds and hail. We recommend a shingle roofing inspection every so often just to make sure the fasteners are in place and the granules haven’t worn away leaving exposure.

Wood Shake

Almost every type of roofing material (metal, asphalt, fiber cement, etc.) tries to emulate the look of wood shakes and there’s a reason for that. The look of wood shakes fits any home décor and has consistently provide great ROI for decades. There’s nothing like the real thing however and authentic wood shakes provide great market value and bring with them increased thermal properties as well.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is arguably the most energy efficient material on the market. It has reflective properties that keeps the sun from being absorbed into the attic in the Summer. It does a pretty decent job of retaining heat on the interior in the Winter as well. Metal roofing materials are recyclable which makes them a very eco-friendly roofing choice – even considering the fact that the life span is 30-50+ years. The styles are catching up with some of the other benefits too as customers can pick from ribbed metal roofs, standing seam roofs, or even metal shingle roofs.

Concrete and Clay Tiles

There are some concrete and clay tile roofs in our area that have been around almost 100 years. The durability of these materials is outstanding (although walking on them isn’t recommended.) There is no other material that can match the styles of concrete tile roofs or clay tile roofs either. The upfront costs are a bit higher, but concrete and clay tiles consistently have the lowest life style cost of any roofing material.


Please contact Kickapoo for more information about your commercial or residential roofing options.


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