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Kickapoo Roofing Gutters

Your roof creates the ultimate weather barrier, shielding and shedding rainwater safely away from your home. What many people might not realize is that your gutters are just as important to that process. The roof sheds the water, but it’s the gutters job to collect and distribute it safely away from the home.

Without proper gutters, literally the entire integrity of your home can be compromised. Instead of rainwater being dispersed safely into your yard or out into the city streets, it gathers near the foundation of your home. Eventually the soil around your house will shift towards your foundation, actually collecting more water and pointing it towards your basement. It won’t take long before that filthy, polluted rainwater makes it’s way into your home, causing damage to the foundation in the process. All this is prevented solely from properly working gutters.

Kickapoo specializes in gutter repairs and new gutter installations. Some of the material options available to you include:

Vinyl / Plastic Gutters

Gutters made of polyvinyl chloride are growing in popularity for many of the same reasons that vinyl siding adorns so many homes. The material is affordable, relatively durable, and gutters made of it require no maintenance over its life span (besides removing leaves). Vinyl gutters require no painting, won’t ding during hail storms, and if they do scratch the imperfections aren’t as visible because the color runs through solid.

Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters are the most coveted in the industry (80% of homes in North America), mostly because the material is the one most conveniently made into seamless gutters. Seamless gutters provide not only a smoother aesthetics but also limit the risks of seams separating and causing leaks. The aluminum gutter material is able to avoid rust, is stronger than vinyl, and is lightweight and affordable.

Copper Gutters

Copper gutters look most eloquent on historic Wisconsin homes but they are an elegant addition to any property. One of the best things about copper gutters is that they approve in aesthetics as they age, shifting colors to brown, purple, and green over time. Copper gutters are decorative, but they are also functional – resisting cracks, dents, and other problems that harm other gutter materials. In fact copper gutters can last 50+ years.

Steel Gutters

Stainless or galvanized steel gutters are similar in makeup to aluminum gutters, but are much more heavier and durable. Stainless steel is generally desired over copper gutters when the homeowner wants to retain a bright shine over the years – stainless does while copper has a ‘patina’ effect that alters the colors. Galvanized gutters are closest to aluminum gutters, but with more resistance to hail damage.

Gutters should not be overlooked and instead should be one of your biggest home renovation priorities.


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