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Kickapoo Roofing provides you the added value of being a multi-functional home improvement contractor. When you deal with one company with a wide range of specialties instead of individual niche companies you enjoy:

  • Lower labor costs (one setup, workers that stay busy on different areas of the house)
  • Minimized project downtime (no waiting around for other contractors as they are all on site)
  • One contact point (information gets misconstrued when playing ‘phone tag’ between multiple contractors.)
  • Full house inspections annually (with annual maintenance on things like decks, we can also check windows, siding, etc. to make sure they are still in optimum shape.)

Understandably you might not contract multiple renovations at the same time. Regardless, it’s good to have a trusted name in the business as those projects do arise over the years – a family doctor for your home so to speak.

Here are just a few of the insurance restoration and home improvement services we specialize in:


Wind and hail can cause an excessive amount of damage to your roof – especially asphalt shingles. We offer roofing insurance restoration as well as new roof installation for shingles, metal roofs, cedar shakes, and more.


Having gutters that are in pristine condition is especially important during our Wisconsin rainy seasons. Gutters that are out of pitch or have slowly worked themselves away from the fascia allow rainwater to seep down the side of the house and settle near the foundation. Eventually this water finds (or causes) cracks in the foundation and creates a path directly into your basement.


Your siding is arguably the second most vulnerable area of your home behind the roof. Siding that has become dented and damaged from wind and hail is mostly just an aesthetic eyesore, but it can also lead to some energy efficiency loss. Bats, mice, and insects like to also find there way into missing siding access points so a fix is better sooner rather than later.


You’ve probably heard that your windows are one of the biggest sources of energy loss in your entire home. That’s definitely true, especially if they are old, single-paned models. Replacing inferior windows has one of the fastest recoup rates of any home renovation project when you consider lowered utility bills and a longer HVAC life span.


Most Cost v. Value reports state that you earn over a 90% ROI on door replacements, whether it be for the front entry door or the garage. It’s one of the best investments you can make for multiple reasons including improved aesthetics, better home security, soundproofing, air sealing, and more.


Kickapoo specializes in interior and exterior painting as well. A new paint job is one of the most affordable ways to freshen up the style of your home, adding improved curb appeal on the outside while boosting morale on the inside.


Decks and patio construction is another popular service that Kickapoo offers. Our customers enjoy not only the peace of mind that comes from being able to regularly enjoy the outside air, but the market value boost of their home that comes from improved curb appeal and an expanded living area.

Please contact Kickapoo Roofing for more information about all the services we offer. We provide free estimates and stand by our work for 100% customer satisfaction.




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