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La Crosse Insurance Renovation Contractors

Heavy storms and years of wear from all types of weather can wreak havoc on your home. When it's time to restore your property's luster to all of its original glory give [xxxxx] a call. As your local La Crosse area insurance renovation specialists we are well-versed in repairs caused by all of our 5-6+ weather seasons!




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'Hi Edwin

We could not be happier with the job you did replacing our shingles. From the initial inspection, to meeting with our insurance adjuster, to the completed job, everything was professional, on schedule, and well done. Your attention to detail and communication with us throughout the process was also appreciated.

 In addition your entire crew was first rate. To name a few things they were hard working, courteous, was no profanity or boom boxes, and excellent clean up each day. Feel free to use me as a reference as I would highly recommend you to others. Truly 5 star.

Rick – Madison Wi

Kickapoo roofing put a new roof on our house. The work they did was great.
Very professional contractor easy to do business with. The work was done on time and the mess was completely
cleaned up. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to have work done in the future.
My roof looks amazing! Thanks Kickapoo Roofing!

Vicki W – Straight Shooters Taxidermy (Tomah)

Mr. Hochstetler thank you so much for handling my insurance claim. The roof was installed in timely
fashion and everything went well. I will recommend you to anyone that asks about Kickapoo Roofing.
Thanks again for the great job.

James L. (Tomah)


It's extremely important to have your roof repaired ASAP after a storm. 8 out of 10 homes in our area are outfitted with asphalt shingles, which are the most affordable but also the least durable residential roofing material.

Hail Restoration

What home hail damage is mostly known for is leaving hundreds of dings and dents all over your roofing, gutters, and siding. These imperfections do much more than lower the aesthetic value of your home, however.


Dealing with insurance claims is often more stressful than the storm itself. If you'd like, a Kickapoo constractor can be present when the insurance company representatives arrive at your home.

Renovation repairs should be done sooner rather than later, and not only for aesthetic reasons. The longer your home sits vulnerable and exposed, the more likely it is to suffer increased water damage or infestation by rodents and insects all while unnecessarily driving up your utility bills. At Kickapoo Roofing, we are specialists in restoring all areas of your home to pristine condition including:


Your roof does a very important job baring the brunt of the elements on basically a daily basis. The buildup of snow and ice during our Wisconsin winters can be bad enough but just for good measure Mother Nature throws in a Spring hail storm or insane Autumn winds. Even the Summer and the constant beat down from the sun’s UV rays will take it’s toll on roofing eventually. We assist you not only with quality service, but also with the experience of dealing with the paperwork and stipulations set forth by your insurance provider.


Your gutters might seem like nothing more than a home accessory, but the truth is they are actually a very important first line of defense against foundation water damage. We can fix gutters that have pulled away from the home, have become out of pitch, or are simply banged up from a hail storm or a falling tree.


Siding provides aesthetic value but it is also a barrier to improve energy efficiency in your home. Allowing your home to have cracked or missing siding for years is driving up both your heating and A/C costs while also providing a nice nesting area for insects and rodents.


The damages from a broken window are self-explanatory in regards to energy loss and decreased security. We specialize in window replacement as well as repairs. A window upgrade from old, single-panel units can legitimately save you hundreds of dollars a year in utility bills.


Having a new front door installed is one of your best investments with a proven ROI of over 90% consistently. We can install new doors on your exteriors that will help you boost curb appeal while also upgrading your home’s security. We can even put your door ‘online’ so that the locks can be accessed and monitored via your Smart phone.


An outdoor deck is another great Lacrosse home renovation offered by Kickapoo Roofing. Decks and patios not only increase your home’s curb appeal by increasing the size appearance and providing an attractive contrast, it expands your living space which further boosts market value. It’s also pretty convenient to be able to enjoy an  outdoor Margarita out your back door on a hot Summer day.


A professional paint job is a quality renovation no matter what stage your home ownership journey is at. Painting now breathes life into a stale room while adding a few new coats right before you list your home on the market is the #1 project recommendation from realtors.


Give us a call for more information about LaCrosse renovation projects. We specialize in building outdoor structures and landscaping in addition to any type of interior remodeling tasks. Call or contact us for a free estimate!


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