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Insurance Restoration

Kickapoo Roofing Insurance Restoration

As long as you’ve survived the storm and your family, friends, and pets are safe and healthy, the damage to your home is minimal – no matter how severe it may be. Your home can be replaced and restored, but your people not so much.

Of course this doesn’t mean that what comes next comes easy. In fact dealing with the insurance restoration process often causes home and business owners more anxiety than the wind, rain, and hail. You’ve got to deal with storm chasers who are going to invade our area looking for cheap, volume work as well as insurance adjusters who are dog tired from evaluating dozens of homes and are sloppily filing their paperwork.

Kickapoo is a contractor that can not only assist with putting your home back together (in a quality manner with a guarantee on our work) but also help you in dealing with the tiresome insurance claims. We have licensed adjusters on our staff that will ensure your claim gets negotiated fairly. Unscrupulous insurance representatives will often claim that roof damage is due to normal wear and tear, gutter damage has resulted from a lack of maintenance, or siding issues are caused by lawnmowers, weed whippers, pets, kids, etc. We make sure this does not happen.

Some Tips for Filing your Insurance Restoration Claim:

  • Know the specifics of the storm including date, type of damage, etc.
  • Take pictures to document damage to your roof, siding, gutters, windows, trim, etc. (It never hurts to have ‘before’ photos as well.)
  • Contact Kickapoo so that our adjusters can take a preemptive survey of the home and help you document the specific damage.
  • Understand your mortgage information as well as any other pertinent financial details. The insurance company needs to cross-reference all this data and having it readily available lessens the wait on that.
  • Know the different type of insurance adjusters. An independent national representative for example often gets paid on the commission of the amount of damage they find = good for you. Local workers may just be salaried employees who get paid the same regardless = bad for you.
  • Stand up for yourself when insurance companies try to claim issues such as ‘siding below 4′ is mechanical damage caused by kids and pets.’ Regardless, the whole house likely needs to be replaced and the compensation should reflect that. Having Kickapoo available on the walk-thru helps you avoid these types of swindles.
  • Have information available about when your roof, siding, gutters, windows, etc. were installed. Understand that Some of these items do depreciate and you may be awarded a prorated value.
  • Claim everything you can including decks, backyard sheds, lawn equipment. Not all your items will be covered by your homeowners claim but it’s important to point out as much as you can.
  • Schedule your appointment wisely because you want your adjuster to be fresh. Representatives who have been climbing up and down ladders all day will likely rush through your claim as it approaches time to clock out.

Once again, Kickapoo is your local contractor that can assist you in each of these insurance restoration steps. After storms hit our area, beware of ‘Music Man’ type contractors who roll into town, slap your repairs together for pennies on the dollar, and then disappear to the next town skimping out on their service guarantees and warranties.


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