10 Types Of Vinyl Siding Styles With Pictures (2024)

Posted on January 23, 2024

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types of vinyl siding

Are you planning to improve your home exterior with new siding? With the numerous options available, trying to choose one that’s suitable enough can feel overwhelming. Luckily, our team is here to help you learn about the best vinyl siding styles in the industry. 

 By arming yourself with some knowledge about each kind, making an informed decision can become considerably easier.

Today, we will take you on a journey exploring 10 types of vinyl siding styles that are sure to make your home stand out in 2024. You’ll learn about their unique aesthetics, varied textures, and range of styles. We’ve also provided a picture of each style so that you can truly grasp what suits your personal tastes and the architecture of your home.

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Types Of Vinyl Siding To Choose For Your Siding Replacement Project! 

As we delve deeper into the topic of vinyl siding, you’ll find that numerous styles can give your home a unique character. These diverse options allow homeowners to express their personal style while enjoying the benefits of this durable material.

#1 Traditional Lap Siding

Types of vinyl siding | kickapoo roofing

Let’s kick off our list with a simple, but the most common style that vinyl siding comes in; traditional lap siding.   This siding style overlaps horizontal boards to create a sophisticated layering effect on your exterior walls. It’s a safe choice for homeowners with its simple design and comes in various colors to choose from.

It’s popular because it suits all architectural styles, whether your taste leans towards modern or traditional architecture.

#2 Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding

Dutch lap vinyl siding

Another good choice for your home, if you are looking to add dimension, can be as simple as opting for Dutch lap siding. 

Dutch lap siding also consists of horizontal boards, but it has a distinct beveled edge. The bevel creates a groove or notch where one board meets another, giving it a decorative and textured appearance.

The bevel in Dutch lap siding adds a shadow line, providing depth and dimension to the exterior of the building. This can result in a more distinct look for your home.  If you seek something that will make your house stand out subtly, Dutch lap style siding might just be the choice for you.

#3 Board & Batten Vinyl Siding

Board & batten vinyl siding
Source : plygem.com

Board and batten merge the best of two worlds with rustic allure and contemporary chicness in one package. Featuring alternating wide and narrow vertical panels, it creates compelling lines across the exterior of your home while evoking a sense of country living for those of us longing for nostalgic vibes.

#4 Wood Grain Vinyl Siding

Wood grain vinyl siding

Reflecting nature’s beauty right onto our houses is possible thanks to wood grain vinyl sidings! They echo the authentic look of wood by replicating grain patterns within the vinyl surface. From deep rustic grains to light, birch-like patterns, the various styles can provide your home with charm without the annoying maintenance of real wood.

#5 Smooth Vinyl Siding

Smooth vinyl siding

As we take up a lot of siding replacement projects in Wisconsin, we have seen that many homeowners are now opting for minimalist designs. If you also relate to this, then smooth vinyl siding should be on your radar. 

As the word suggests, this style of vinyl siding doesn’t have any etching or embossed patterns present on the vinyl panels, instead, they offer a clean-lined aesthetic synonymous with modern-style homes. 

However, while undeniably chic, smooth surfaces might show scratches more than textured options. So you may have to practice more maintenance with this style. 

#6 Beaded Vinyl Siding

Beaded vinyl siding
Source : plygem.com

The beaded seam style of siding is relatively new, but one of the fastest growing types of vinyl siding for homes. 

This vinyl home siding has a texture that gives your home an elegant touch. Like traditional lap vinyl siding, the panels are horizontal but boast a rounded bead or a ridge along the bottom edge. This extra detail makes all the difference and in a good way. Inspired by classic American architecture the beaded seam design introduces refined visual interest to the flat, more traditional profiles.  

#7 Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding

Cedar shake vinyl siding

Next up on our list is cedar shake-style vinyl siding, a faux replica so convincingly textured that you’d think it’s made from natural redwood itself! This option tastefully combines a rustic appearance with modern performance, offering durability without compromising on aesthetics.

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#8 Traditional Shake Vinyl Siding

Traditional shake vinyl siding

For homeowners seeking authenticity in design but not willing to forego longevity, traditional shake siding, with its straight-edge pattern—is particularly promising. These imitation wood shakes mimic real timber scapes flawlessly yet are immune to typical problems with wood like rot or pests!

#9 Hand-Split Shakes (Staggered-Edge) Vinyl Siding 

Hand-split shakes (staggered-edge) vinyl siding
Source : plygem.com

Hand-split shakes offer an intriguing twist to traditional shake siding due to its staggered edges that create great shadows over each panel surface. If individuality speaks to you, these unique pieces, each slightly distinct from the other, will certainly captivate you with their delightfully irregular appeal.

#10 Half-Round (Scalloped) Vinyl Siding

Half-round (scalloped) vinyl siding
Source : gpvinylsiding.com

If you are a homeowner who likes to be different and want to move away from the typical horizontal and vertical designs then this is just the right type of siding for you. 

Setting aside linear norms is the scalloped siding style. As per the name, these semi-circular vinyl pieces provide homes with a scalloped design similar to fish scales.  It’s an ornamental alternative to regular horizontal panels, which is perfect if you’re yearning for some added curb appeal.

Even though this is the end of our list of the top 10 vinyl sidingstyles, there is a variant of vinyl siding that homeowners should consider. 

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated vinyl siding combines the benefits of traditional vinyl siding with added insulation. The siding panels are designed with a layer of foam insulation that’s integrated into the siding, enhancing energy efficiency and providing additional thermal resistance to the home. This insulation helps regulate indoor temperatures, reducing energy consumption and enhancing overall comfort. This type of vinyl siding is a popular choice for homeowners seeking both aesthetic appeal and improved insulation properties for their homes.

Finding the Right Vinyl Siding For Your Home: Considerations and Next Steps

Now that we have discussed the different types of vinyl siding styles out there, you should be better able to choose one according to your preference. But if you are having trouble, we’ll explore some fundamental considerations that you should have in order to help you settle on the perfect vinyl siding for your home. 

Current Aesthetic & Future Ambitions

First things first, consider the current look of your home before choosing a style of vinyl siding. Is there an aesthetic you’re fond of or perhaps one that complements the architectural design? 

You should also consider your future plans. If improving resale value is your goal, then you’ll want to make a strategic decision and choose styles that are trending or are favored by potential buyers.

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Durability in Relation to Climate

As you know, Wisconsin is known for its harsh climate, especially in the winter. Look for types of siding that are more resistant to UV rays and the effects of snow. If your local weather tends to be extreme, make sure you install durable, insulated vinyl siding.

Maintenance Requirements

Different styles of vinyl siding differ in maintenance demands and their ability to face natural wear and tear and harsh weather. Before making your final choice, you’ll want to factor in how much time you can set aside for maintenance.

For instance, textured, deeply grooved variants like cedar shakes or hand-split shakes might require more frequent cleaning than smooth or regular lap siding due to their dirt-trapping tendencies.

Best Vinyl Siding Installers In La Crosse, WI

No matter which option you choose among the types of vinyl siding styles we’ve discussed in this blog post, it is essential to hire a professional contractor for the job unless you are extremely confident about your handyman skills. 
Improper siding installation can lead to issues down the line that might end up costing you more than it would have to simply hire an expert.  If you are looking for a reliable team for the siding installation look no further than the team at Kickapoo Roofing. We are the premier siding installation company serving La Crosse and the surrounding areas of Wisconsin. We are experts at installing different types of vinyl siding styles, so give us a call today at (608) 352-8688.

types of vinyl siding
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