How Much Does It Really Cost to Remove Ice Dams?

Posted on December 18, 2023

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cost to remove ice dams

Though ice dam removal may seem like an easy job, it can come with some unexpected costs. It’s not just the ice dam removal cost you pay for, there are also other factors involved. If you’ve been thinking about removing ice dams from your roof, this blog post explains the cost to remove ice dams, including labor and tools needed. Read the blog post through the end to know about how much you’ll pay. 

Professional Ice Dam Removal and How Much it Costs

While going for DIY ice dam removal can be a good option, relying on a professional service is often safer and more effective. 

1. Pressure Washer or Heated Water Ice Dam Removal 

A pressure washer or heated water is one of the quick and easy ways to melt down the built up snow on your roof. However, before you opt for this method, bear in mind the drawbacks it can come with. High-pressure water can blow away and damage roofing shingles, allowing water to creep under the roofing deck. When you hire professionals, make sure they have plenty of experience using this method. For pressure washer or heated water ice dam removal, you can expect to pay around $200 and $400 per hour. 

2. Steaming The Ice

Do you have a large amount of ice on your roof eaves? Then steaming this stubborn ice is a great and effective method. Despite being one of the expensive ice dam removal methods, it effectively clears away all the ice within hours. The high expense of the steaming ice project also results because of the use of high-end and commercial-grade steamers. You can expect to pay around $400 and $600 per hour. 

3. Breaking Up the Snow Load

This method is comparatively affordable but a more labor intensive method of removing ice. As the name suggests, it involves breaking chilled snow packs into pieces. Professionals can use hammers and mallets to chip down the thick snow layers. If you have ice dams in a localized area of your roof, this method can be beneficial. However, don’t ignore the risks associated with it. 

Professionals will need to climb a ladder onto the roof in order to break down the ice, which can be risky in severe weather conditions. Keep in mind the drawbacks and the advantages of this method. Since it is a labor intensive and time consuming process, you can expect to pay around $200 and $300 per hour.

DIY Ice Dam Removal and the Associated Costs

Many homeowners opt for DIY ice dam removal to save money, but this method still comes with a few associated costs. 

1. Roof Raking 

Cost to remove ice dams | kickapoo roofing

Roof raking is one of the cost effective methods to remove ice dams from your roof. The additional benefit of this method is that you can buy a roof rake once and use it for years.

A roof rake is a long handled metal tool that you can use to pull the ice and snow down the roof while standing on the ground. This method is ideal for one-story buildings. However, make sure to follow the directions and ask for help if needed. In many cases, homeowners injure either themselves or the roof shingles during the process, which ultimately results in higher costs. 

Here are some roof rake options: 

a. Snow Joe RJ204M Telescoping Snow Shovel Roof Rake

Cost to remove ice dams | kickapoo roofing
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This 21-foot extendable roof rake helps you remove ice dams easily. With its long, lightweight handle, the Snow Joe RJ204M Telescoping Snow Shovel Roof Rake features a twist-and-lock telescoping pole that can make the removal process simpler.  

b. SnowPeeler PREMIUM 

SnowPeeler PREMIUM is a roof rake that can be used from the ground or the roof’s surface. With its 30-foot extendable handle, you can remove ice dams and snow effortlessly and safely. 

2. Salt and Tablets 

The de-icing method involves sprinkling salt or pure calcium chloride over the ice dam to melt the snow. Calcium chloride is an effective de-icing agent that accelerates the melting process. For a long term solution, you can put the calcium chloride in a sock and put it on your roof to melt any snow as it accumulates. 

If you choose melting tablets, this can save you the effort of climbing a ladder. Moreover, compared to the above mentioned ice removal methods, the de-icing method can save you time and, therefore, money. The cost of de-icing depends on the salt or tablets you buy and how many you need. 

Factors That Can Affect How Much Ice Dam Removal Costs

The following factors can play a significant role in increasing or decreasing the total cost of ice dam removal. 

1. The Size Of The Roof 

The size of the roof can greatly affect the ice dam removal cost. However, that’s not to say that removing ice from a small roof is easier. Instead, removing the ice dam from a small roof can save you on an hourly price, as it can be done faster compared to ice dam removal from a large roof. On a large roof, professionals may need to spend more time, hence resulting in a higher price. 

2. The Ice Dam Removal Method

It is clear now that each ice dam removal method comes with its expenses, risks, and advantages. Depending on the method you choose, you can expect to pay according to the costs mentioned above. However, there are many ways that can help you save money. For example, you can contact local and seasonal professionals, get multiple quotes, opt for DIY ice dam removal, and incorporate ice dam prevention methods

3. Gutter Ice Dam Removal

If you have gutters filled with ice, they can block the water drainage. Also, the ice dams can cause gutter sagging and detachment because of the added weight. Not removing the ice from gutters can increase the chance of gutter damage, necessitating repairs or replacement. Therefore, it is necessary to remove ice dams from your gutters. 

4. The Labor Involved

Keep in mind that labor makes up a big part of the total ice dam removal cost. The labor cost can vary based on the location and the specialty of the professionals. However, on average, you can expect to pay $150 and $600 per hour. 

Contact Kickapoo Roofing for a Permanent Solution to Ice Dam Formation

At Kickapoo Roofing, we promote prevention and maintenance as permanent solutions to ice dam formation. Ice dams form mainly because of poor roof insulation and ventilation. Insufficient roof insulation allows the indoor heat to flow outside, melting the snow on the roof ridge and causing it to refreeze back at the eaves. It’s important to install the proper insulation and vents to minimize the chances of ice dam formation. 

If you need to remove the ice dams from your roof, contact us for an accurate roof inspection. We will inspect your roof and help you resolve any roofing issues within an agreed upon time frame. 
Call us today at (608) 352-8688!

cost to remove ice dams
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