Kickapoo Roofing Windows Services

Most home exterior renovation projects provide a great return on investment because they improve the appearance of your home and let you recoup much of your money when it’s time to sell your home. The peace of mind you get from a fresh makeover on your home is a priceless benefit as well.

When it comes to new window installation however, the payback is seen not only when it comes time to sell your home but on a monthly basis starting on day one. Single paned windows with gaps between the casement and a lack of insulation are an unnecessary energy drain. Heated or cooled air is practically vacuumed to the outside which drives up your utility bills and increases the wear and tear on your HVAC system. New windows which have multiple panes of glass with gas in between serve as a form of insulation – keeping the tempered air where it is supposed to be. Your air-conditioner and furnace also run less frequently, expanding their life span in the process.

How to Get New Windows?

Feel free to contact Kickapoo for any questions you may have regarding a new window installation. Windows are one of the most significant investments you’ll make to your home but they have interior and exterior benefits. You’ll want to pay attention to the looks of the window, but they aren’t as important as the manufacturing material or the type of glass installed. You also need to know what type of window you need as there are multiple styles and opening options.

Window Materials

In Wisconsin we need to pay attention to the material that the windows are constructed of because it is what gives the frame its thermal properties. Metal and aluminum frames for example conduct heat very rapidly which makes them a poor insulating window in our brutal Winters. If you’re going with a vinyl frame, make sure it features a hollow cavity that can be fitted with insulation. Wood frames offer great insulating properties, but they also expand and contract as the temps change. Wood composites however offer the benefits of ‘real’ wood but without the stability issues. As always, Kickapoo is happy to assist you in window specifics.

Window Glass Types

It’s very much worth the investment to opt for a double-paned or even triple-paned new window installation. These glass panels also feature an insulating gas pumped in between which further adds to the efficiency rating. You can opt for more protection with a UV or reflective coating glossed onto the glass as well.

Types of Windows

Finally in order to acquire the correct replacement window it’s important to know the type of window you need (as well as the size.) Examples include:

  • double hung windows that slide vertically
  • slider windows that open horizontally on a track
  • casement windows hinged on the left or right hand side that crank open
  • awning windows which are hinged at the top and can be left open during the rain
  • picture windows which allow the maximum amount of natural light but do not open
  • transom windows which are narrow windows that can be stationary or functional
  • bay windows which are large windows that can be built extending out of the house to preserve space

It may seem overwhelming, but when you break down each aspect of a new window installation into steps finding the right solution is quite easy. Plus, Kickapoo representatives are here to help you with every step of the process. Give us a call today.