Kickapoo Roofing Painting Services

One thing that customers sometimes struggle with is justifying spending a large part of their home improvement budget on exterior renovations. After all, you’d likely get much more enjoyment out of a ‘man cave’ than you would new siding right? That’s not necessarily true, because exterior renovations help you boost market value (increased money at selling time) and help you lower utility bills (saves money on bills) which essentially gives you ‘free money’ to do these quality-of-living interior renovations.

Regardless, we understand that not everybody’s budget is the same. That doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade the style of your home while still boosting it’s market value and curb appeal. Kickapoo offers exterior painting services that are some of the most affordable ways in the home improvement industry to add a fresh new facade to many outdoor features of your home such as:

Siding Painting

Your home’s siding may be in perfect condition but the looks may have gotten stale. Similarly, maybe you had a new metal roof or some energy efficient windows installed in which the siding color no longer matches. Kickapoo’s exterior siding painting helps get rid of chipped, scratched flakes to give your home a style makeover.

Fascia Painting

The fascia is the board running around the eaves and rafters of your home. It is subtle, yet a perfect area to either blend or add contrast to your home or business exterior. You’d be surprised at how big of an impact a new coat of fascia paint actually provides.

Deck Painting and Finishing

When you allow your deck to go without maintenance for years, the boards quickly become withered and rotted. Your beautiful outdoor feature with relaxing access to a cool fresh breeze soon becomes a danger zone – one which the deteriorated looks also ruin your home’s curb appeal and market value. Kickapoo makes sure this doesn’t happen with regular painting, sealing, and finishing of your deck as required. Since we are also experienced in construction practices, we can fix any damaged boards, spindles, railings as we encounter them – something not every painting contractor can claim.

Fences and Sheds Painting

Your property’s curb appeal has much more to do with just your home. It extends from your front yard all the way to your back yard and includes every feature in between. Kickapoo offers much more than home painting services as we can update the appeal of every item in and around your yard. Fences, sheds, gazebos and more all benefit from a Kickapoo exterior painting.