Kickapoo Roofing Decks

According to the numbers, adding a deck to your home offers only a moderate return on investment of about 75%. It should be noted, that is solely how much money you can expect to recoup when your home goes to market. In actuality, a deck or patio pays itself off in a number of ways that may not be black and white:

  • Increases your liveable square footage (which is where a lot of the 75% comes from).
  • Makes your home appear bigger which is great for attracting potential buyers.
  • Provides a relaxing place to entertain friends which improves quality of life and peace of mind.
  • The deck or patio is an outdoor retreat that doesn’t require you to run your HVAC system.
  • Grilling on the deck saves on kitchen stove wear and tear and makes your home more comfortable (temperature and odors).
  • A deck changes the contrast and aesthetics of your home’s exterior which helps boost curb appeal.

Most of our customers would agree that their deck project from Kickapoo was one of the best investments they’ve ever made and they’d do it again even if the ROI was 0%. Feel free to contact us for more information about deck services such as:

New Deck Construction

Our experienced team can design a deck exactly to your needs, style preferences, and budget. New deck construction is done safely to adhere to all codes satisfy any local building permit requirements. We offer deck construction from the traditional pressure-treated Sourthern Pine or the increasingly popular composite materials which require little to no maintenance.

Deck Restoration

While a new deck can be an asset to your property, one that has lagged in it’s maintenance for years becomes a dangerous eyesore. Rotted deck boards and shifting foundation beams present an incredible safety risk for you, your family, and your friends. Kickapoo offers deck restoration to help restore luster and functionality to these forgotten features.

Deck Maintenance and Inspection

In order to prevent your deck from becoming an abandoned pitfall, annual maintenance is required. Decks will consistently need staining and treating to keep up their fortified barrier against rain, snow, and ice. If you are a DIY maintenance pro, at least call Kickapoo to schedule a deck inspection. We’ll evaluate spindles, railings, planks, and other items to give your deck a clean bill of health before the next grilling season.